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Executive Producer, Howard Fields introduces The OmniFuture and describes the purpose of the podcast and the approach planned for each episode.

What if the best way to prepare for the future, is to stop trying to predict it?

Hi: I’m Howard Fields and welcome to The OmniFuture, a podcast about the infinite set of potential futures we each face, and how they signal their intentions.

Each episode explores the future of a specific topic, with the help of world-class sense makers and futurists. These are professionals with an exceptional ability to interpret signals and spot emerging trends.

Together, we’ll look at thresholds and triggers, that once crossed, make certain futures more, or less likely. And we’ll share tools and techniques that can help you develop an “If This / Then That” mindset.

Our goal is not to predict the future, but rather to illustrate how to envision and prepare for a variety of futures. And, to understand how actions and decisions in the present, can expand or limit what our future might become.

As Gandhi observed, “The future depends on what you do today.” If you prefer a-more business-oriented perspective, personal time management author Alan Lakein put it this way, “Planning, is about bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

Our guide and host for this journey is Gina Clifford. Gina is a strategic communicator and futures thinker, who has been leading technology and innovation communications at large public and private organizations, for over 15 years.

If you’d like to be better prepared for whatever the future holds, Gina and I hope you’ll join us as we explore The OmniFuture.

The OmniFuture - Trailer
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